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...............About Your Captain

..Running a private fishing charter has always been a vision of his. It all started on the Jones Beach fishing piers where he set his hook into his first snapper at the age of seven. Little did he know that this would lead him into a life long addiction. His father did a great job at giving him the fundamentals of the sport. Then at about the age of fifteen, he started to venture out on his own with the family boat. He always seemed to be able to find the fish, even at such a young age. A lot had to do with the fact that he is a dedicated and determined fisherman. As Carl acquired more experience, he learned how to read the tides, phases of the moon, and how barametric pressure can effect the bite. He was then able to shorten his time on the water and increased his odds. By the age of eighteen, he enlisted in the US NAVY where he learned how to read and plot charts. He applied this knowledge to fishing which helped him earn his 200 ton Near Coastal (upto 200nm). Captain Carl will always pride himself on bringing customers to the bite and he's never satisfied until he does. Whatever the fish in season, he'll target. WEATHER PERMITTING.


Reel Serenity Fishing Charters Inc. cares about the safety of its passengers and crew. The charter is equipt with a First-Aid Kit, a 6 person Viking Life Raft with hydro-release, EPIRB, 6 type 1 PFD (Personal Floatation Device) and two VHF radios. The captain is also a certified EMS First Responder.


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